Individual Therapy

There are times when the challenges of life can make us feel overwhelmed and isolated.  It may be difficult or not appropriate for you to talk about how you feel to those closest to you. Perhaps you are feeling anxious or down – maybe you’re unsure of a relationship, or you aren’t living the life you want to lead.  You might be having trouble making decisions or you keep making the same mistakes over and over again.  Are you worried you are addicted to something or someone?  Are you feeling lonely and isolated and unable to motivate yourself?  How confident are you feeling about you and your future?  Does life just feel difficult at the moment? 

If you want to talk to someone who can offer an impartial ear, give you space and support to work something out, work through or help you come up with better strategies, then contact me as I can help.

Habit/ Addiction/ Compulsion

I am an experienced addiction counsellor, and work with all types of addiction whether that be substance misuse (alcohol, street/prescription drugs, over the counter medication, food) or process addiction (love/gambling/shopping/internet). It is not easy to stop a habit that you have become dependent on. Rather than focus on the ‘how to stop or give up’, I will help you understand your ‘why’. Why are you addicted? Why are you unable to stop? We will focus on the underlying pain rather than the addiction itself.

I also work with those who are living with others’ active addictions.


If you have been affected by adoption in some way, you may benefit from seeking help from a counsellor such as myself who is trained in this particular area. Adoption is complicated, and untangling your thoughts and feelings isn’t always easy.

Grief and loss

Grief comes in many guises: it may be the death of a loved one or a pet, it may be a relationship or friendship breakdown, or a life transition for example, losing a job, the aging process, menopause, empty nesting or late neurodivergent diagnosis, the list is endless. If grief is left unresolved it can impact your life for years. The old adage, ‘time is a great healer’ is not strictly true. Grief is fluid: I liken it to sea waves, sometimes it’s a gentle lap just touching the periphery of your thoughts and other times it’s a huge surge which can feel overwhelming.

Unhealthy relationship patterns / entwinement

The term ’unhealthy relationship’ or ‘entwinement’ may not be familiar to you or one you initially relate to, but it applies to those who are having trouble with relationships, not only with others but with themselves. Often people say ‘I don’t know who I am’ and only feel okay when they are with other people. Others prefer to be on their own as much as possible. Some people expend a lot of energy trying to control others into giving them what they need, with little success. Together we can explore your pattern of relating and work out healthier strategies for looking after yourself rather than looking for validation from others.

Relationship Therapy

Very few relationships exist without conflict – whether it’s the odd disagreement, repeated arguing or you’ve lost the fun element.  When your relationships begin to waver, it can affect your health and happiness.  For many of us, we instinctively try and work through our problems alone, but it can be helpful to seek outside professional support and speak with someone with no preconceived notion of who you are as a couple.

Relationship counselling is an effective form of talking therapy for two people within a relationship.  When you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for a long-time it is easy to fall into the trap of not listening to the other person or not communicating your needs clearly.  Talking to someone objectively, with no connection to you or your partner can help you both gain perspective.

Relationship counselling offers you a space to grow and ultimately, decide what you would like the future to hold for both of you.


Group Therapy

Coming together as a group can be a very effective way for you to both be challenged by, and also receive support from individuals who share similar experiences to you.  Being part of a therapy group can help you identify your own behaviours and differences and help you see yourself more clearly.  It is a space where you can discuss emotional difficulties with me as the group facilitator and therapist, and other group members who will actively listen and provide feedback, and it’s a place where you can support others.  Being part of a group with people who are going through something similar to you can help you feel less isolated and therefore more supported. 

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Eco Therapy
(Walk & Talk)

Talking therapy traditionally takes place indoors, in small rooms or online via small screens, but it doesn’t need to be this way. We can take therapy outdoors, where we will walk at a pace that suits you and talk in a more relaxed setting. We don’t have to walk the whole 50 minutes, there will be places to sit. 

With Eco therapy, just as we do in traditionally talking therapy, we will explore your moods, emotions and behaviours in a safe way. Taking therapy outside can provide a different perspective on issues that are keeping you stuck, nature can help you convey what is going on for you right now and how you are experiencing the world. It can promote your self-esteem, relationships, and provide a different outlook on life. Why not connect with me outdoors and gain all those benefits that only mother nature can provide? Currently only available from my West Sussex practice.